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Since 2019, Jessica Vines has been releasing music that connects heart and soul to the body through catchy melodies, a timeless voice and contagious groove. Once again, she ties those together with A Very Good Story, her fourth studio project. Exploring personal events from her past, Jessica Vines bridges the emotions felt to the lessons learned from experiences of heart break, self discovery and triumph in a relatable, yet unique voice. She sets the mood with a nostalgic tone that feels timeless, yet current. In this project, she uses new sounds and textures to bring a deeper level of vulnerability than ever before and brings the message even clearer. 


Starting with the title track, Vines sets up the EP with a short introduction to explain the overarching message before traveling head first into the tumultuous nature of human relationships and the array of emotions, decisions and consequences that come along with them. With the talents of co-producer and co-writer Evan Geiger, Vines found the process of writing this project cathartic and continues to use the song as a reminder of strength from struggle, which she hopes all listeners will also take with them once listening through.


You can find Jessica Vines performing in the Los Angeles area, where she currently resides, and all over the Midwest, where she started her career back in 2017 and frequents for shows and festivals. Catch her at a show to hear the songs in their most engaging and interactive form. For gig, promotional or business inquiries, contact

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