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"I like the way that we kiss in the morning. I like the way you look with sun in your eyes.” If the opening lyric to Jessica Vines’ fan favorite “Sun in Your Eyes” captures the excitement and intimacy of young love, it’s just as much a testament to Vines’ blossoming career in bright Los Angeles. Often earning comparisons to Amy Winehouse  and Sir Woman, Jessica Vines draws inspiration from  Lake Street Dive, Dua Lipa and Olivia Dean. Vines’ vocal performances and effusive lyrics combine determination, sensitivity, attitude, and – refreshingly – an earnest exploration of what it means to be happy.


Jessica Vines has been featured on tastemaker 89.3 The Current’s widely acclaimed and internationally streamed radio station. She has also appeared on I’ve Got a Song for That, Rumorcast, LoudMouth Rock Reviews, Prairie Musician’s live in-studio series, JJ Meets World, and North Dakota Today. 


In expanding on vocal pop, Jessica Vines’ sound incorporates R&B, funk, hip-hop, and rock. Her recordings bring clean, cutting-edge production to an organic ensemble, featuring prominent bass and drums, tasteful guitar, expressive keys, and a command of music theory. Vines’ music leaves the listener excited and hopeful with unique elements that add a refreshing twist on a more nostalgic sound, bridging a classic school of thought with the contemporary.


Jessica Vines’ newest single, “For the First Time,” celebrates fresh romance with unabashed optimism and sincerity. You can enjoy “For the First Time,” and others like “Sway” and “Indefinitely,” in your car or headphones – and when you catch Jessica Vines performing in a city near you. Before a crowd, Vines has been lauded for her magnetic presence, expert vocal control, and an accessible sense of humor. Vines champions a rare versatility on stage, shifting smoothly in style and stature from disco diva to sensitive soul singer. As she alerted us in 2023: “I have a story to tell. It’s a very good story.” And fans can’t wait to hear more of it.

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